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A Practical Guide for Air Travelers

How To Beat Jet Lag

About-norman-rosenthal The bothersome symptoms of jet lag are very familiar to travelers who fly across time zones. They include sleepiness during the day and sleep disruptions at night. Jet lag creates problems for the business person, trying to concentrate on work after flying for many hours, as well as for the tourist, who may be too tired to enjoy their vacation when they reach their destination. Dr. Rosenthal and his three psychiatric colleagues explain how simple alterations in environmental light and dark can greatly assist in adjusting to the new time zone. The book comes with its own eye mask, to help the traveler avoid light at those times of day when light is not recommended. Writing in the New York Times, psychologist Daniel Goleman says of the advice outlined in this book, “It has saved me from but the most minor jet-lag symptoms to and from Europe and, most impressively, on two round-trips to Nepal.

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