If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. - Old African proverb

Online Coaching via Skype

After years of working as a healer, I realized that the techniques I had learned from both professional and personal experience could be surprisingly helpful even in people where there is nothing “wrong” in a medical sense — simply life’s twists and turns that require skillful navigation.

In fact, people who have requested this kind of help from me have often been highly talented, gifted and competent in their fields. They are simply striving to do the very best work they can – often along with being the very best people they can be.

As psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote “What humans can be, they must be. They must be true to their own nature. This need we may call self-actualization.” I have found this to be so, especially in working with those aspiring to high levels of excellence. This may include people in business, sports, the sciences and creative arts at the highest levels — anyone wanting to develop their Super Mind, to make the maximum contribution and impact in an area where they have been blessed with special gifts. And beyond performance, anyone who wishes to live life to the fullest.

I see the coaching that I do as falling into two categories:

– Personal Coaching

– Corporate Coaching

Personal Coaching

In working with clients in this capacity, we analyze together the client’s goals and dreams and develop a strategy and plan as to how these can best be accomplished. The work typically occurs at different levels. For example, we will analyze the client’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being – the critical scaffolding that supports whatever a person aspires to do. Often there will be cognitive and behavioral elements to the work – an analysis of obstacles that stand in the way of success and how best to bypass them. Sometimes we need to delve into the past to discover keys that unlock mysterious blockages. But wherever possible we remain in the present and look to the future using every tool at our disposal to boost creativity and discover unexpected and sometimes thrilling pathways to success. In this regard, we use dreams, intuition, meditation, and other techniques.

Corporate Coaching

I have come in touch with the corporate world in a number of connections: First, I was CEO of my own successful clinical trials organization for over a decade. Second, many of my clients have been corporate leaders; and third, I have been a manager both in government and the private sector for over three decades.

My greatest potential contribution comes from helping corporations better manage their human capital, from which, in my experience, the greatest insights and innovations come. I use my skill and experience with creative problem solving to manage talent in such a way as to maximize corporate yields.

In recent years, I have become particularly aware of how stress can corrode morale, creativity, and productivity. I have talked with business leaders about the potential value of meditation and other healthy habits to reduce such toxic stress. My recent writing has focused on adversity as an irreducible part of life, and the need to acknowledge and develop methods for mastering adversity when it arises and deriving benefits from the lessons that it delivers — the gifts of adversity.


DR. Rosenthal provides consultation for individuals and organizations about wellness and stress reduction; as well as to colleagues and organizations wishing to tap into his various areas of expertise. You can reach him through his Contact Page here.


I enjoy sitting down with individuals or groups to help them assess the problems at hand and generate possible solutions, using all the tools at our disposal.

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You can reach Dr. Rosenthal with coaching inquiries through his Contact Page here. Please use “Coaching” as your subject line.