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Norman-E.-Rosenthal,-M.D.Healing (Psychiatry)

My lifelong fascination with the human brain – along with my natural enthusiasm for solving puzzles – led me to a profession that requires these skills to help others solve personal and professional problems.

I trained in what has been called “The Golden Age of Psychiatry,” where we learned not only how to use medications, but how to take the time to listen to people, try to understand their concerns, and work collaboratively with them towards solutions leading to a better and happier life.

Though I have learned many different methods and techniques of therapy, I have found it most useful to blend these techniques together into a specific mix customized for each person. Also, I realize that, more important than any particular technique, is the connection between client and therapist – a sense of confidence and trust that is a prerequisite for valuable work to occur.

I am well versed in the use of medications, have supervised other psychiatrists in their use and have been involved in testing many of them for safety and efficacy. I have also pioneered and embraced alternative approaches for healing emotional difficulties, including light therapy, herbs and supplements, and transcendental meditation (see books for more details).

I work with individuals and couples and specialize in many different conditions, including depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders (such as panic, social anxiety disorder, and OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder, and addictions. But you don’t need to define yourself as suffering from any particular disorder to enter my practice. It is part of my job to help figure out what the problem or problems might be, and offer a plan for dealing with them.

Also, having worked with people from many walks of life, I realize that many techniques I have learned – along with my extensive personal experience – can be extremely helpful even if there is no particular disorder at work – simply life’s twists and turns that require skillful navigation. Should this last category fit you best, check out my page on Personal and Corporate Coaching.


– Addictions — both chemical and behavioral
– Anger Management Problems
– Anxiety Disorders
– Attention Deficit Disorder and Executive Function Problems
– Bipolar Disorder
– Couples Therapy
– Depression
– Post-traumatic stress disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
– Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Problems
– Stress and its consequences


Dr. Rosenthal is skilled in a wide variety of conventional and alternative therapies, and keeps up to date with alternative treatment approaches and modern techniques. He continues to treat clinically, and research, a number of areas of special interest and expertise.


I studied psychiatry in ‘The Golden Age,’ where we learned both how to use medications and how to do psychotherapy. Since then, of course, all sorts of new therapies have come along, such as light therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), chronotherapy (manipulating circadian rhythms) and, most recently, meditation as therapy.

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