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Dr. Norman Rosenthal, is the world renowned researcher who coined the term Seasonal Affective Disorder and pioneered the use of light therapy for its treatment. He is a best-selling author and has an active psychiatry and coaching practice. Dr. Rosenthal is now suggesting the use of POETRY as a means of healing, inspiring and bringing joy to your life.

Welcome to my new web-based initiative about poetry and healing. Many people find poetry delightful, interesting and thought-provoking — and I hope the poems I include will evoke all of those responses – but in this venture I plan to go further. In my personal and professional experience, poetry also has the power to comfort, soothe, inspire and, yes, even heal. In addition, poetry can act as a lens through which we can gaze into the parallel processes of mind and brain and experience treasures that might otherwise be entirely hidden.

I used to believe that poetry did not “speak” to me, but I now see how wrong I was. I lived for 44 years with a husband, a lyricist, whose beautifully crafted, heartfelt lyrics touched my every fiber and continue to uplift and inspire me a decade after his death. The special beauty of Dr. Rosenthal’s book for me is his discussion of what each poem is saying, what the poet was likely feeling and often how the poems helped him personally, as when he left his birth family in South Africa for a rewarding career in the United States.
- Jane Brody, Author & New York Times Columnist

POETRY RX: How 50 inspiring poems can heal & bring joy to your life

A word from Dr. Rosenthal about Poetry Rx

Based on a strong response to the Poetry Rx initiative I have decided to create a Facebook Group to build a community around poetry and healing. This is a safe space where students, seekers, poets, and poetry lovers can come together to ask questions, post/talk about poetry—its therapeutic value—AND simply have fun!

The Poetry Rx Facebook Group is a closed group, so please click Poetry Rx Facebook Group, and select the + Join Group button.

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I predict that Poetry Rx will make good on the promise of its subtitle for a broad range of readers seeking renewal and inspiration through the art of poetry. It is also a great read, entertaining as it teaches. These are, after all, poems the doctor ordered. But what a doctor! And what poems!
- Peter Sacks, Harvard University. (Professor of English, Harvard)
Reading Poetry Rx allowed me not only to enjoy poetry for the first time, but to be transformed by it.
- Katie Finneran, Two-time Tony Award Winning Actress