The Man Who Discovered SAD to Make People HAPPY

Accept. Analyze. Transcend… Finding the Gifts in Adversity

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Dr. Norman Rosenthal captivates audiences around the globe with his intellect, insight and humor drawn from a 30-year career as a psychiatrist, medical researcher, best-selling author, and business and personal coach. Dr. Norm’s explorations include: how to find gifts in adversity • boost performance by managing toxic workplace stress • find balance in life • grow your emotional intelligence • meditate to lead a healthier and more creative life, and so much more…

Sample Talks:

Every audience is unique. They have unique challenges and unique aspirations—and they often require unique strategies to achieve their goals. What sets Dr. Norm apart is his preparation. By the time he is ready to go onstage, he has a solid grasp of his audience and the issues they’re confronting. He has spent many hours crafting a distinctive message to meet the needs of his audience. Dr. Norm adapts his popular stories and combines them with compelling insights and practical tools that inspire and enable people to move confidently into the future.

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Dealing with Setbacks: Ray Dalio with Dr. Norm at Bridgewater Associates

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Boosting Business Performance (New York Town Hall Meeting)

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Dr. Norm: The Role of Meditation in Corporate America (Audio by Dr. Mehmet Oz)

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Dr. Norm on The Gifts of Adversity (Full version)

Popular Talks & Topics of Interest:

  • Finding the gifts in adversity
  • Meditation to improve health, well-being, creativity and performance in all areas of your life
  • Boosting performance by managing toxic stress in the workplace
  • Finding balance at work — and in life!
  • Increasing health and creativity in the work space
  • Grow your emotional intelligence to boost performance at work — and enjoy your life more.
  • Expanding consciousness to live a better and more productive life.
  • Coping with the changing seasons
  • Choosing (and finding) happiness

Clients & Events:

  • Bridgewater Associates – Finding the Gifts of Adversity in Business
  • TEDx – SAD and the Gifts of Adversity: A Personal Journey
  • New York Town Hall Forum – Meditation, Creativity, Performance & Stress
  • Morgan Stanley, Bethesda – Women and Stress: Problems and Solutions
  • Northeast Business Group for Health – Boosting Performance by Managing Toxic Stress in the Workplace
  • Tuerk National Conference on Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Abuse – Finding the Gifts in Addiction
  • Urban Zen, New York – A New Approach to Helping Wounded Warriors
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – De-stressing Today’s Children
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art – Wounded Warriors (PTSD)
  • American University – Tackling Workplace Stress: “The Black Death of the 21st Century”
  • Kolmac Clinic, Silver Spring – Finding the Gifts in Addiction

SAD and The Gifts of Adversity

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(Full version is in “Sample Talks” below)

Jane-BrodyEvery so often an especially insightful book prompts me to reflect on and change my behavior. ‘Mistakes are our best teachers, so don’t waste them,’ Dr. Rosenthal wrote.- Jane Brody, New York Times
DalioI am attracted to the Gift of Adversity as a subject because I really believe it is a gift. Dr. Rosenthal is remarkably transparent about his transformation. That transparency is a wonderful quality.- Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates
dr_ozIn Transcendence he has given us all a gift that will enlighten, entertain, and perhaps even transform.- Dr. Oz, Physician & Talk Show Host
david_lynchI really loved Norman’s book—and I agree that adversity can be a great teacher and a great friend. - David Lynch, Filmmaker
candy_crowleyWhether your troubles are deep or you simply know life could be better and healthier, read this book Transcendence.- Candy Crowley, Chief Political Correspondent, CNN

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