• Apr, 03, 2019

Haiku Success!

This blog post is a celebration of the creative talent of the PoetryRx Facebook community. A few months ago I issued a haiku challenge to the members of the PoetryRx Facebook community. I posted a picture that I had taken along with the haiku below and explained the rules of haiku, the ancient Japanese poetic form.

Here is my haiku with its picture

A grey hawk swoops down
On a nearby tree and waits
Then snow starts to fall
Essentially each haiku is supposed to consist of seventeen syllables, arranged in three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively. I am delighted to share with you a sample of thirteen (a baker’s dozen) of our favorite haikus, though there are many more, which you can view by joining the PoetryRx Facebook community. I do not profess to be an objective judge, and many of the examples I have not included will no doubt be other people’s favorites. I have only included haikus of people who have given their permission for me to do so. Also, some excellent haikus may have reached us after the cutoff date for this blog. The haikus are arranged by surname in alphabetical order.
JoAnna Cochenet
Calming wide, blue sea,
Feelings of grounding and flight,
Green cliffs of wonder.
Robert G. Glinski
Above, wild geese go
Northward in a sun-drenched sky.
Blooms unfold below.
wild geese
Graciela Trevino Gonzalez
Beauties of today,
very soon to fade away.
Hurry! Seize the day!
Cornelia Groat
Always looking out
Excitement just out of reach
A squirrel in a tree
Rosemary Jensen
The old crone’s brakes screech
A marmalade cat tiptoes
The ice–click click click
Mike Neer
White plum petals fall
Blanketing the still moist ground
Soft snowfall of spring
Simon Shapiro
Black and white, bleak, stark,
Dismal winter, SAD and dark.
A splash of colour.
Photo below taken in Thornybush, South Africa. Photoshop skills courtesy of a course from Michael Bainbridge
Penny Smith
Mosquito, dark foe
Your buzzing dives swoop and swarm
To chase my sleep away
Ruth Anne Taves
Feisty hummingbirds
Swooping and diving around
The feeder today
Gregg Valenzuela
Rabbit disappears
Grey on grey, late winter’s frieze
Cactus flower blooms
Marielle Valenzuela
Rain left its top coat
There on the muddy cactus
Succulent anew
Deborah Walker
Basket of flowers
bringing spring cheer into my
kitchen. Lovely sight.
Penny Penrod Wilcox
Sleeping to soft sounds
Gentle breeze ruffles the leaves
Mother nature night
Thanks to all who participated and continue to share their creativity and discoveries with our community.
Best Regards,
Norman Rosenthal

Your engagement is appreciated!

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