• Feb, 28, 2019

Poetry Rx Readers Rise to the Challenge: Let Me Count the Ways

Four courageous readers rose to the Valentine’s Day challenge and composed love poems for the occasion. As you can see they reflect the many facets of the mysterious and wonderful emotion of love. 

What I See
Written by, Rolf Erickson 2/14/2019

If YOU could see
what I see
YOU would be
completely amazed
astounded amused
and deeply grateful
for the internal wonder
and eternal joy within
both YOU and ME
and even more
the two of US
forever together
as ONE.

Love Aria
(for H. and J.)
Written by, S.M. Eckrich 2/14/2019

It is an infant’s cheek to mine,
Sparkles alive in snow,
A Mourning Dove’s cue to daybreak,
Why lilac’s scent is so.

Found ‘neath woods where violets clamor,
O’er peaks where angels fly,
In silence thunderstorms oppose,
In a calf’s sorrel eye.

The universal stars are sparse,
A patterned snowflake erred,
All of history is minute,
These things to love compared.

It powers the human heart through
Grief, joy and temperance,
Propels the solar system and
Spurs Aspen leaves to dance.


Sonnet for my Wife
Written by, Michael Neer 2/14/19

What can I give to you, my loving wife?
Deep roots that keep us strong from head to feet
A flow of love that soothes and smooths our life
The tender joy of wedded bliss so sweet
My ears to listen to your needs and cares
A silent space along with laughs and fun
My thoughts about each moment’s joys we share
And feelings so refined we live like one.
I give my Self to you, and in return:
Your inner light entices me to yearn
For your embrace and soul to just adore
You touch my heart with bliss and make it soar
To taste the heaven that unfolds in time
And fuse us in devoted love sublime.

I Love you

My Valentine
Written by, Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg 2/14/2019

I stared at the rock
Shapefull, levied by volcanic waves

I stared at the rock
Still, in a rhythmic embrace with Neptune

I stared at the rock
And held the hand that would

Perhaps the hand of Beatrice

I touched the crease as a faithful climber
Searching for heights from low below
And the iridescent moss of crystalized greens and browns

You by my side
But evanescent like the heat of the sand

I stared while the tempest
Threw it’s tentacles in a profane embrace

The rock stared back
Salty reflection of millennia
It could have been love at first sight
Despite my doubts


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