Post Traumatic Stress and How Transcendental Meditation Can Help [Infographic]

Over half a million of our Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). It stopped me in my tracks when one of my patients said, “it can happen once in your life, but one hundred times in your mind.” The echoes linger on… This is a very serious dilemma not only for our nations veterans, but for countless individuals that have experienced any variety of serious trauma in their lives. The stress surrounding the attacks from 9-11-2001 are a great example of this type of trauma on a much grander scale.

Post Traumatic Stress  and How Transcendental Meditation Can Help [Infographic] is an informative graphic portraying the seriousness of Post Traumatic Stress and how Transcendental Meditation can help folks to cope with this disorder.


Traumatic stress is a type of stress that exists on an entirely different level than that of the stress you and I encounter on a daily basis. Our bodies do not know how to process the impact that these scarring events have had on us, and in return the impression left on the brain is one that needs healing and recovery to restore its natural state of holistic functioning.

My desire is to help to provide individuals with the best tools available in treating and alleviating these serious mental and physiological patterns. With knowledge, guidance and practical tools we can start to reduce the painful flashbacks from our stress born incidents of the past. A little bit of specific help to restore hope, restore balance and restore the quality of life for the millions of people who are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress.

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1) Learn more about Transcendental Meditation here.
2) Learn more about what the David Lynch Foundation is doing for our
Veterans at Operation Warrior Wellness.
3) Below is a relevant video titled: “Mother of Iraq War Vet says Transcendental Meditation Saved Her Son’s Life

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3 Replies to “Post Traumatic Stress and How Transcendental Meditation Can Help [Infographic]”

  1. daniela mirica says:

    Life is a war!

  2. Dr.K.Selvaraj, MBBS, DPM,MD(Psych),DNB(Psych), FIPS says:

    Transcendental Meditation is a very useful and acceptable method of help. I can vouch for its general effectiveness as I myself have practiced it. I have limited experience with PTSD clients. However, the results are impressive.

  3. tsering topgyal says:

    i like it..

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