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Be the first to receive the not-yet published latest version of Winter Blues AND have a chance to win a free copy once it is published.

I am delighted to let you know that the Fourth Edition of Winter Blues is due out this coming autumn. I have fully updated my survivor manual so that anyone who has trouble with the winter can have access to the latest information about light therapy and other treatments so that you can feel good all year round.

Winter-Blues-RevisedIn addition, I am combining my passion for meditation with the treatment of Winter Blues in an entirely new chapter. I deal with both Transcendental Meditation and Mindfulness so that people can understand these very different techniques and what they have to offer.

What we would appreciate is some feedback from all of you as to what you think of this new book. We will send draft copies to the first 10 people who express interest in providing us with comments that we can use in describing this book to potential readers AND those people whose comments we use in this way will get free copies of Winter Blues as soon as it is published.

So, simply comment below and we will contact you by email to be the first to receive the not-yet published version of this classic AND have the chance to win a free copy once it is published.

Wishing you Light and Transcendence,


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How to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and The Winter Blues [Infographic]

17 Replies to “Winter Blues Book Giveaway”

  1. Nzinga Tene says:

    I am looking forward to reading the new book—especially the new chapter on transcendental meditation and mindfulness.

    1. Norman says:

      Great, thanks! We are looking for nine more that are expressing interest in providing us with comments, which we can use in describing this book to potential readers.

  2. Richard Bewley says:

    I’m interested in learning more from the updated version. I use light therapy and exercise to get through the winter, and I’d love the opportunity to re-evaluate my regimen and fine-tune.


    1. Norman says:

      Great Richard, we will be in touch!

  3. Deana says:

    Hi, Dr. Rosenthal; I’m interested in this offer. I, too, am especially intrigued with the new chapter you described. Thank you!

  4. Patricia says:

    I would love the chance to read and comment on this new chapter!

  5. Josie says:

    Hi, Dr. Rosenthal — It would be a privilege to be an early reader and commenter. For years you’ve made winters bearable. Maybe the new book will show me how to make winters downright enjoyable! Thanks for all you do. Josie

  6. Cebus says:

    Hi Dr. Rosenthal. I saw your AMA on reddit, after which I looked through your publications and read several abstracts. I’ve started doing some mindfulness meditation in the last couple months, and recently decided through conversation with my therapist that light therapy might be beneficial to me. I’d love to see the most current information available on these topics, so your manuscript would likely be very helpful.

  7. Chris says:

    Having used the current edition for three winters, I would take pride in commenting on the new edition.

  8. James says:

    Dr. Rosenthal. I am a counseling graduate student and currently working on a SAD research paper. Not only have I read several of your research articles but I have also read your 3rd edition of Winter Blues. I have found your writings to be the definitive work in the understanding and treatment of SAD. I would love to read your 4th edition of Winter Blues in order to review the latest research. Thank you, James

  9. Philippe Cotte says:

    Hi Dr. Rosenthal, I recently have been made aware of the Seasonal Affective Disorder. I’m really curious to learn about light therapy and understand how it can helps up ease the symptoms.

  10. Carol says:

    Hello Dr. Rosenthal. I am one who has struggled with SAD for many years. Only recently have I discovered your writings and the benefit of light therapy. I can already tell the difference after just two weeks. I would love the opportunity to review your new book and give feedback.

  11. sylvia wesley says:

    Started reading your book, Transcendence, and gifted myself the TM program fro my 56th birthday in January. Would love the opportunity to critique your new book.

  12. Andrea H says:

    I would be very interested in reading your book. I seem to drag every winter. I get headache after headache and never feel awake the whole season. I sure could use any advice I could get to break out of that feeling of being in a winter dungeon.

  13. Joe Carlos Goebels says:

    Hello, Dr. Rosenthal. I would love to read and comment on your new book. I have a severe case of SAD and have followed many of your suggestions over the years. I participated in one of your clinical trials at NIMH in the late 1980’s and was President of NOSAD. I moved to Pensacola, FL 11 years ago to reduce the severity of my symptoms. Yes, the relocation from Baltimore to northern Florida has helped me, but, I still use a light box daily during the winter and have real difficulties at times with SAD.

    Thanks for all that you do to educate people about SAD!!

  14. Carin Weinreich says:

    Hello Dr. Rosenthal. I’m looking forward to your new book! I’m from the Netherlands. Few years ago I contacted several publishers over here to ask and persuade them to publish your “Winterblues”-book in Dutch. I considder myself very lucky to read & understand it in english. Still a lot of people over here who will benefit tremendously by reading your book in the dutch language. Can you make this hapen? Be Well, Hartelijke Groet from Deventer, Carin Weinreich.

  15. shuree says:

    Hello I’m looking forward to reading your book, I have been medicated for depression since 2000 when I moved from Florida to Idaho, I now line in Alaska, and just got a deluxe light. I am going this is an answer to prayer.

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