Light Box Giveaway: Light Therapy for Depression

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As you may know, I am passionate about light – and its power to affect the way we feel. My colleagues and I have done extensive research on light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, depression and the winter blues. Also, I have used and prescribed light therapy for years. I am very happy to be part of this giveaway to help get high-quality light therapy products into the hands of those who may enjoy and benefit from them.

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Full spectrum light therapy is quite simply light therapy technology that is closest to mimicking the natural light of the suns rays. You can see why it would be most useful in low light conditions.

chart-quote Now, here is a chance to get an early start on your winter blues defense. The folks over at Verilux have generously offered some of their best products for our off-season giveaway. Verilux specializes in Full Spectrum Lighting, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs and UV C Light Products. They are generously giving away almost $900 worth of merchandise to six randomly selected individuals who enter to win.

Giveaway: Full Spectrum Light Therapy for Depression

2- Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up Lights (value: $99.95 each)
2- HappyLight Deluxe Energy Lamps (value: $189.95 each)
2- HappyLight 6000 Energy Lamp (value: $89.95 each)

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9 Replies to “Light Box Giveaway: Light Therapy for Depression”

  1. Jose Monteverde says:

    I saw that i could sign up for this through reddit and get a free lamp. I need light in my room. Suffering from MDD

  2. Wehaf says:

    My sister has a Verilux lamp and she loves it!

  3. David says:

    I could use this for sure. PTSD sufferer here.

  4. BlackMantecore says:

    have long list of issues including SAD, PTSD, Anxiety, brain damage, the works. Am trying to normalize myself. I know this light could help me do that.

  5. Anita Carney says:

    I would really like to win one:)

  6. C.Rajeev says:


    To play a musical instrument in perfection and originality, it requires years of regular and systematic practice. Otherwise, the music played will be distorted and lacking in melody.

    Similarly, to attain the State of Perfect Being, it requires years of regular TM practice, with cultivation of virtues and renunciation of bad traits in a person.

    In order to see the main deity ( God) in a Temple, a person has to pass through many outer areas.

    In the film 36th Chamber of Shaolin, the warrior crosses many Chambers before reaching the final 36th Chamber.

    Similarly, a meditator has to undergo years of regular practice and abstain from bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc

    The people of the modern society should be trained properly.

  7. Carol Lemieux says:

    Would love the opportunity to leave behind the winter blues with a gift of Full Spectrum Light Therapy.

  8. C.Rajeev says:

    Finally, Doctor, a few points to mention here:

    There should not be bright light in the place where a person practices TM. It is a common experience that the mind gets diverted in the presence of bright light.

    The room in which a person does TM should have sufficient supply of air–it need not be a terrace. If the climate is too hot (or too cold) to tolerate, a person will not be able to do TM easily.

    There should not be loud sound in the nearby surroundings continuously, which may inhibit the practice of TM.

    There should not be any distractions from other people, unnecessarily.

    To be frank, TM should be practiced in a separate room, with due privacy.

    The experiences that one may get during the regular practice of TM should never be disclosed or revealed to anyone else.

    It is a widespread belief that the innermost desires and wishes gets fulfilled for regular TM practitioners.

    This is called, in other words, as “Fulfillment of life’s objectives and wishes”.

    TM facilitates “visualization”, which means realizing a goal or an idea through regular practice and planning.

  9. Ivan says:

    Hello, I saw the ad via the depression subreddit, I suffer from depression, anxiety and sinus issues. I only recently started reading about light therapy and how it may alleviate certain issues. Worth a try.

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