Transcendental Meditation Visualized [Infographic]

I wrote Transcendence: Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation (Tarcher-Penguin,2011) because I simply had to. Transcendental Meditation (TM) had done so much good both for my patients and myself, had such strong research backing, and was so pleasant and easy to do that I felt the urge to share these experiences as seen through the eyes of a doctor, scientist and TM practitioner. The infographic below is brought to you as a resource and extension of the book “Transcendence,” which features some of the main points about Transcendental Meditation that I highlighted in the book.

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Transcendental Meditation Visualized – Infographic


The hardcover version of Transcendence contained so many descriptions of people who had dramatic experiences during meditation that I wanted to reassure those who did not have these four-star special effects that they could still derive tremendous benefits from the practice. Here’s how I end the new chapter.

For most people . . . myself included, the effects of TM are subtle and gradual, but cumulative. Yet as the rippling waters of a stream can smooth the edges of the sharpest stone, so can the gentle flow of meditation alter the shape and contours of a person’s life.

I hope that you enjoy the paperback version of Transcendence, and most of all, that you benefit from its contents.

Wishing you Light and Transcendence,



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7 Replies to “Transcendental Meditation Visualized [Infographic]”

  1. C.Rajeev says:

    Some more views of mine on TM:-

    When we lie in horizontal position in a bed, then we get a type of rest.

    But, when we sit to practice TM, with the back of the body in a vertical position, we are slowly taken to a state of “restful alertness” or ” Turiya” ( as it is called in Sanskrit).

    Turiya means the Fourth State of Awareness or Transcendental Consciousness.

    Normally, people have a misconception:-

    Some people think that they can do away with sleep or can reduce sleep, during the regular practice of TM.

    This is not so.

    Due to the regular practice of TM, the practitioners gradually realize that what they have been seriously searching for in the outside materialistic world, is really lying within themselves.

    But, in order to arrive at this level of awareness, it requires years of systematic practice and education.

  2. David Spector says:

    C.Rajeev’s posting reflects good enthusiasm, but calls for some corrections:

    1. The fourth state of consciousness (after waking, dreaming, and sleeping), called ‘Turiya’ in Sanskrit, can be experience quickly through Transcendental Meditation, and usually from the very first meditation session during instruction. It is a deep and powerful ‘dive within’ that refreshes and normalizes the body and mind. This excellent infographic tells almost the whole story of TM’s benefits.

    2. Rajeev is correct that TM will not replace sleep. But it does improve the quality of our sleep. Many TM meditators find that their insomnia disappears. This shows that TM helps sleep to become more effective, more normal.

    3. The implication that TM requires years of practice and education to improve life is untrue. TM washes away daily stresses from the very first 20-minute session. Its effectiveness at strengthening our resistance to external stressors, at increasing personal independence, at bringing personal peace and happiness, continues forever. The elimination of internalized stresses uncovers the amazing range of functioning of our mind and body.

    4. Even questions or confusion that may arise in the mind during the normal process of TM’s improvement of life are no problem, because TM comes with a free lifetime of effective support services. Once one learns TM, one can rely on it completely.

    I hope this helps readers of this article to make their own decision to learn TM.

    David Spector
    Maine, USA

  3. Ondine Constable says:

    While I mostly agree with Rajeev’s comment, the last statement that it takes years of practice and education to experience “Turiya,” — what researchers have identified as a fourth major state of consciousness — is not true. As a teacher of the TM technique I see students begin to transcend and experience the fourth state of consciousness immediately, in every case. What does take regular practice over time is for this state of consciousness to become permanent, 24/7, even while someone is actively engaged in daily life. This expanded state of consciousness is the full potential of human life, according to the founder of the TM program, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

  4. Leighton says:

    A fabulous infographic, and a wonderful idea which will make the TM technique and all its benefits more understandable and increasingly accessible, to yet more individuals throughout our global society. Well done, and big congratulations on the success of your books, Norman! Nature is clearly supporting your work in every way!! 🙂

  5. Carol Pattie, MPH, TM practitioner says:

    The infographic is a clear visual and verbal synopsis of all one may gain from this simple technique. The mindset which spurs seeking higher consciousness cannot be ignored as it is a prerequisite to discovery and development. In the modern world full of stresses and many deleterious remedies for stress, TM is a breath of fresh air, offering empowerment as well as self-actualization for those willing to explore mind and spirit.

  6. Louisa says:

    What a wonderful way to share the benefits of TM! TM is, hands down, just an incredible technique for a healthier, happier life.

  7. Scott Lockard says:

    This infographic really makes these points clear, thank you for making this information so accessible. We live in a health care environment of data and its good to have the facts.

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