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Signs of Infidelity: 10 Clues That Your Partner May Be Cheating


Nobody wants to find out that his or her partner is cheating, but unfortunately infidelity happens all too often. If cheating is happening, you may as well know about it so that you can decide what steps to take.

Here are some signs of infidelity—ten clues to help you determine whether your partner may be cheating.

  1. You have a suspicion that something is going wrong. Ask yourself whether you have always been a suspicious person or whether it started at a certain point—like after he or she came back from a business convention. This question helps you sort out whether there is reason to be concerned about infidelity. Remember, your emotions provide you with crucial information about your world—including how solid your relationship is.
  1. Behavioral patterns change. He or she may start “working” later, extending “work trips” or “needing” to go out of town more frequently.
  1. Behavior regarding mobile devices changes. For example, there may be an increase in texting, often done surreptitiously so as to suggest that the texter doesn’t want you to see what is being texted. Or the cell phone is never left unattended, but is carefully guarded as though it contains the nuclear codes.
  1. Likewise, unexplained emails may raise suspicions. Or, after you become suspicious, your partner refuses to give you access to his or her personal email password, or to see the emails.
  1. Your partner shows a decrease in sexual interestat least in you. This may take the form of a partner begging off (not tonight, I have a headache) or showing less enthusiasm while making love.
  1. It’s harder to reach your partner than before. Although everybody is unavailable at times, this often escalates when a partner is cheating.
  1. When you question your partner about why you’ve been having a hard time reaching him or her, the response is often defensive. Sometimes you are blamed for being paranoid, which may make you feel guilty about your suspicions—until the next round of suspicious behavior.
  1. You “smell a rat.” Fragrances are often giveaways—such as a novel soap, cologne or mouthwash. Or the absence of a smell may be suspicious—such as a partner freshly showered at an unusual time of day, like when they are supposedly just coming home from work.
  1. Evidence that a friend or colleague at work is taking up an increasing amount of real estate in your partner’s head. Suggestions of infidelity may take the form of a territorial secretary or a colleague who enters the conversation a bit too often.
  1. Subtle changes in the environment for which there is no good explanation—like a change in the positioning of the seat on the passenger’s side of the car.

What do you do if you find an increasing number of suggestive clues that your partner is cheating? That is an important question and a topic for another blog.

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  1. amol joshi says:

    Make sure if you do something flirt or cheat me I won’t forgive and won’t talk to you and don’t come saying sorry.Love is about sharing, understanding each other and trust each other. It is not about madness or just being over possessive. Make decision that feels right for both of you. Relationship is all about give and take. Different people who have fought with their partners, and help them understand how to make up right. When we fight with our partner and we make up it says that our relationship is more important than any difference and that is a big thing to understand.

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