Adversity is a Gift with Dr. Norman Rosenthal

The simple way of looking at adversity is that it is really bad news and something to be avoided. I would rather not have adversity. However, as I personally looked over the lessons of my life it occurred to me that what I learn the most from, was when things went wrong.

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The Thumbs Must Go

Author and psychiatrist Dr. Norman Rosenthal tells a funny story from a childhood art class where he learned (for the first but not last time) that sometimes perfectionism can be your worst enemy.

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From Transcendence to the Gift of Adversity

I had a 10 year hiatus between a book that came out about 12 or 13 years ago and my latest batch of books, because in the last 5 years I have written 4 books and those happened to be the 5 years when I have been doing Transcendental Meditation. And, what happened as I […]

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When All Goes Terribly Wrong: The Gift of Adversity

When we think of adversity, we often imagine the worst kinds of horrors, but we may forget the regular adversities that we navigate every day. No matter what the level of adversity, it provides a common bond between us all — as none of us escapes misadventure and misfortune. We also have the potential to […]

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How to Stop Your Emotions from Controlling You

Writer Mary Wollstonecraft said, “When we feel deeply, we reason profoundly.” These are wise words for those of us trying to understand the intelligence of our emotions. This blog post provides tips and suggestions on how to stop your emotions from controlling you.

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Happy Spring! A Note from Norman Rosenthal

With the change of seasons, it seems like a good time to say hello to old friends and welcome new ones. From time to time, I send out a note to share with you some of the things that are going on in my world in the hope that they will resonate with what is […]

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Between Winter and Spring

  This Giveaway is currently closed Please enjoy this blog post, however if you do subscribe below you will be added to my newsletter, but no longer be entering any drawing. ________________ What do you call this season, between winter and spring?  No Man’s Land, perhaps.  I went out for a walk this morning with […]

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Light Box Giveaway: Beat the Winter Blues

This Giveaway is Currently Closed As you may know, I am passionate about light – and its power to affect the way we feel. My colleagues and I have done extensive research on light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, depression and the winter blues. Also, I have used and prescribed light therapy for years.

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4 Articles: Seasonal Affective Disorder & Winter Blues

As a long-time resident of the DC Metro area, I have been a regular subscriber to Washingtonian Magazine. I can always depend on them to steer me to the best restaurants for the best prices and, for that matter, to the best of everything. I was delighted therefore to find four articles in the latest […]

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