My Super Mind Tour of the United Kingdom

I arrived back last Thursday from a week in the United Kingdom, during which I delivered three different talks, geared towards different audiences, in London, Colchester, and other towns in Essex. My host Barry Spivack was an excellent guide, connecting me with first-rate organizations and fascinating people. In speaking to groups of physicians and therapists, […]

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Supermind in DC

Super Mind DC Book Launch Talk & Signing

This event is live: Thursday, May 19, 2016 from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT).   The award-winning journalist, Candy Crowley, has interviewed every sitting president since Ronald Reagan over her illustrious career as a political news anchor and correspondent in Washington. Thursday, May 19, she will sit with Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal to talk […]

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Super Mind: Boost Performance with Transcendental Meditation (Infographic)

“If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it.” – H. James Harrison Although the development of consciousness is an ancient concept it has not yet to date been scientifically characterized, so I set out to do just this. The infographic below was derived from a questionnaire—The Consciousness Integration Questionnaire from my book Super Mind. […]

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What Is the Super Mind – and How Can You Get It?

The Super Mind is a time-honored concept, though I have given it a new name that speaks to our modern era. The Upanishads – an ancient text – tells us that through the practice of repeated stillness, you will reach a continuum of silence. Modern practitioners of Transcendental Meditation (TM) have recognized that such changes […]

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