Meditation & Yoga? The Seahawks’ Superbowl Advantage

Recently, a friend asked me if I thought the Seattle Seahawks had a leg up on their Superbowl competition because coach Pete Carroll encourages his team to meditate and do Yoga as part of their routine.

Although the news media have responded with curiosity to the Seahawks meditating as part of their Superbowl preparation, emphasizing how strange and novel it seems… It actually makes a tremendous amount of sense.

The general concept of meditation is that it makes you kinder, sweeter, softer — mushy even. How does this correspond to the Titanic — even aggressive — efforts needed to win a hugely prized contest? In fact, there is no paradox at all. I have worked extensively with people at the highest levels of achievement, including athletes, corporate tycoons, and CEO’s who can be tough as nails and more than a match for any competitor. In most if not all instances I have recommended transcendental meditation (TM) as a means of maximizing their potential. TM has been shown to improve brain coherence. Simply put, that means that brain waves in different parts of the brain correlate with one another more highly, indicating that these different regions are collaborating more efficiently. In fact, one study of Norwegian competitive athletes showed that the more successful the athlete, the higher the level of brain coherence as measured by electro-encephalogram (EEG).

399827_1844When one meditates, extraneous information falls by the wayside putting you in a better position to focus on the essentials of the matter at hand, whatever that happens to be — for example, the Superbowl. As one hedge fund owner who has been practicing TM for decades said to me, “Thanks to meditation when I am in the throws of negotiating a deal, I feel like a ninja. It feels as though things come at me in slow motion and I am able to respond more effectively. It is just that kind of ninja sensibility that the Seahawks will be looking for during Sunday’s Superbowl and maybe their meditation practice will give them the edge over their competitors in a battle royal — where even the slightest advantage can make the difference between winning and losing.

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3 Replies to “Meditation & Yoga? The Seahawks’ Superbowl Advantage”

  1. patricia says:

    I hope to develop that ninja attitude when confronted with challenging situations in my life.. new to meditation..eager to learn!

  2. Kate says:

    Been meditating with TM since June. Knowing what I know now. The Seahawks definitely have the advantage. It would be nice to see the practice used in all of the NFL and major league sports in general.

  3. Paul H. Goveia says:

    I do research about the “Luck Factor”in sports. I have a letter, written by Mr Paul Owens, than Manager Player Personnel of the Philadelphia Phillies to Mr Donald Leopold thanking him for making Transcendental Meditation available to the Phillies Organization in the mid-70s. In 1980 Paul Owens was the Manager of the Phillies when they won the World Series as the last of the original 16 teams that founded Major League Baseball in 1901. Transcendental Meditation contributed to that, I am convinced of that, its value was expressed by such players as Larry Bowa and fourtime Cy-Young Award Winner Steve Carlton. Man is a system which functioning can be improved but also the interaction with the environment. The Phillies acquired the Spirit of the Big Red Machine by acquiring Pete Rose in 1979 and Joe Morgan and an aging Tony Perez in 1983.

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